Social Emotional Consulting

“I believe Social Emotional Learning is a necessary foundation for any learning to occur.”

Whether it’s in a family, classroom, school community or organization, in order for life to flourish and successful action to unfold, the social and emotional space must be acknowledged and supported so that those involved can learn and move forward. I consult with parents, teachers and school administrators, helping to shape environments where youth may flourish and the adults providing care also feel empowered, inspired and connected. I also work with non-school communities, supporting leaders in their efforts to attend to the social and emotional dynamics of the group, moving towards passionate participation and effective action.

While my consulting is informed by my training and experience, the real power of my work comes from my genuine curiosity, an ability to recognize the unique gifts of individuals and groups, a keen capacity to capture and articulate the heart of what is being expressed, an ability to apply big picture thinking with astute attention towards fine details, and the ways I weave together the many connections that are present. My consulting practices have evolved from my experience as an educator, school counselor, Social-Emotional classroom teacher, facilitator of parent and teacher groups, and organizational consultant.

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