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“What in your life path inspired you to be passionate about SEL?” It is my belief in the human spirit, my fascination with how we humans work and my reverent faith in life, beauty, love and connections that fuels my passion. I am so intrigued by people, myself included, and I believe each of us is brimming with unlimited potential. The depth of complexity and beauty that envelops our beings - body and spirit - continually inspires me, sparks my curiosity and propels my work forward.http://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=f1c84d49c16e416e38961b72f&id=22d0ba022a

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well-being for children, adults and groups.

Let’s learn together, sparking fires of potential that allow life to flourish even more for ourselves, our families, children, communities, schools and the world around us

We are connected in so many ways and to so many things. We can connect to ourselves, other people, communities, nature, animals, the planet, the universe, to the seen and unseen world. The simplicity and extreme profoundness of our capacities to connect perpetually send me into states of awe and inquiry. Connecting is at the heart of experiencing social and emotional well-being.http://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=f1c84d49c16e416e38961b72f&id=dede36d2da
As adults we have much influence and power over the environments in which children live and interact. We can create places where children feel welcomed to be themselves, where they are contained in ways that allow them to be open and free -- this is our response-ability. This makes room for them to connect with their deep inner stirrings and relate to the nutrient-rich world around them. This is not about over-protecting and shielding them from bad weather. This is about mindfully attending to the spaces in which they are living and growing, supporting them as they connect with their own interior landscape and impulses to learn. http://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=f1c84d49c16e416e38961b72f&id=2a652e851d
What would our education systems look like if they were invented today, leveraging all we now know about learning, teaching, being in community, organizing systems, catalyzing change and creating a world that works for all? How would learning communities operate given our diverse populations and the current challenges of educating youth for a complex and rapidly changing world?http://eepurl.com/i70y
We have the capacities to work together and create something magical, practical and inclusive for a world that works for all. An infinite well of untapped wisdom lies in the creative and intellectual capital of our young people. They are passionate about the interests that catch their attention. They are watching what is happening in the world around them and making keen observations. They have ideas. They see in ways adults do not see. They thrive from supportive encouragement and genuine curiosity given to them. Are we adults making contact with them and their worlds to the fullest of our capacities? Are we listening to what they care about, what they notice, their ideas for innovation and change? Are we offering them the trust and support to bring their dreams into reality, to experiment with implementing their ideas? What's possible if we do this even more?http://eepurl.com/ZgIM