Life Coaching

  1. Being present with others as they align with their current life purpose, actualizing their emerging potential and living life as fully as possible.

  2. Opening space for individuals to deepen their experience of being alive, expanding awareness and integrating growth.

What sparks passion in your soul? Are you sharing your gifts in your daily life? Are you looking for a little extra encouragement and support in this journey of discovering and living the fullness of your creative potential?

While acknowledging and honoring what-is, I offer nourishment and support for unfolding what-could-be. I assist individuals and families in connecting with their internal processes, identifying core beliefs and recognizing habitual patterns of behavior. Together we open space for the life you want to live, exploring what needs to grow and what is shining with passion.

Guided by my experience as an educator and counselor, I create a supportive yet challenging environment, inviting clients into a co-creative practice of inquiry and discovery. This collaborative effort is used to clear away obstacles, identify sustainable tools, and build foundational structures that will open pathways for conscious living and intentional action.

"I'm not sure how to refer to what Ashley does -- "coaching," "listening," or maybe just "magic"-- but every time I finish a session with her, I feel that I've grown as a person, that what seemed insurmountable now seems doable, and the challenges I resisted have suddenly become wonderful opportunities. She has helped me to value myself as a human being, claim my place in personal and professional relationships,

and make real change. My marriage has become more fulfilling, my business has become more profitable, and I moved to Hawaii (not kidding). Best of all, she makes me laugh, and that is a real gift.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, let me offer an example. At one point in our sessions, I was seriously ill, and forced to spend several months convalescing. When I described my frustration, Ashley listened empathetically, but she also pointed out that I had set an earlier goal of gaining more personal time. "I think you've leaped ahead here," she pointed out, "and accomplished this goal much sooner than you planned." That comment completely shifted the way in which I viewed my illness. Suddenly it was an unexpected opportunity and an unanticipated blessing. I now look back on that time as a turning point in my current life, but one which I would not have discovered without Ashley's gentle and insightful guidance."

~ Susan, Maui Landscape Designer

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