Family Coaching

  1. Supporting the family unit as a whole by strengthening individuals' relationships with themselves and between members of the family.

  2. Supporting parents in their efforts to better understand and more effectively communicate with their child(ren).

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to communicate clearly with your child or your spouse? Do you feel like you could use some emotional support and encouragement, similar to the emotional support and encouragement that you are trying to provide for your child? Are the relationships between members of your family less than you would like them to be?  Do you find yourself stuck in confusing moments with your child, wanting to do what’s best for them and uncertain of what that is?

In Family Coaching, I work with parents, children and couples to help strengthen the bonds in your family. My intention is to help you feel empowered in your role as a parent, informed and supported as you provide the best possible environment in which you and your child may grow.

I also offer Parenting Groups.

"I just LOVE the way my children are so open and honest with me and themselves. It is a direct compliment to you and your work. You have a wonderful ability to teach and advise in a way that I am able to apply it to my family. Your encouragement and advice is given so freely and willingly, I always feel it from your heart.

You have taught me to teach my children to show their love always, knowing they may get hurt, but not being afraid of it. From there they will teach their children and so on.

I would highly recommend you to any parent."

~ Maria, Mother of two

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