We are passionate about life, dedicated to growth, and guided

by a sacred reverence for the human spirit and natural world.

Life Coaching and Family Coaching

Ashley Cooper, M.Ed.

While acknowledging and honoring what-is, I offer nourishment and support for unfolding what-could-be. I assist individuals and families in connecting with their internal processes, identifying core beliefs and recognizing habitual patterns of behavior. Together we open space for the life you want to live, exploring what needs to grow and what is shining with passion.

Guided by my experience as an educator and counselor, I create a supportive yet challenging environment, inviting clients into a co-creative practice of inquiry and discovery. This collaborative effort is used to clear away obstacles, identify sustainable tools, and build foundational structures that will open pathways for conscious living and intentional action.

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Woven Essence Coaching

Mindfulness and Motion Coaching

Thomas Arthur

I work with individuals and groups, guiding them in practices of mindfulness and embodiment. As a graduate of the 1991 Feldenkrais professional training program in Seattle, I use this as a foundation for teaching new possibilities in moving with grace and precision. Through explorations of rhythm, balance, coordination and sensory awareness my clients learn new ways of moving with effortless action.

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Ashley Cooper
Thomas Arthur 
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