What happens when you bring together a world renowned master juggler with a play therapist/educator who is passionate about social emotional well-being? Catch the Connection, an enchanting and playful learning experience promoting ways to deepen connections with ourselves, each other and the world around us.

A Dynamic School and Community Program

      Bringing Together Children and Adults for Fun and Learning

Through performances, hands on activities and conversations children and adults alike have the opportunity to dive into the unlimited possibilities of learning that emerge when we catch the connection.

Self Awareness and Self Regulation

  1. Connecting with one’s own interests and passions

  2. Strengthening emotional awareness, increasing emotional literacy

  3. Exploring physical awareness, deepening somatic sensibilities

  4. Practicing calming and energizing techniques

  5. Cultivating a practice for focusing, learning and living in a growth mindset

Social Awareness and Relationships Skills

  1. Playing cooperative games and activities

  2. Recognizing personal space, rhythm and boundaries of others

  3. Attuning to emotions of others

  4. Recognizing and responding to non-verbal communication via eye contact, facial expressions, body language, tone of voice

Elementary School Assemblies,

Classes and Community Events

Exploring Themes of...

Connecting With the World Around Us

  1. Attuning to group dynamics

  2. Exploring connections with the natural world

  3. Acknowledging meaningful components of your local community

  4. Finding ways to conceptualize local and global issues

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Thomas Arthur 
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